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Yes You Can Heal Your Life

Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are in the world.

Parental Alienation is a worldwide problem with very little support to help us through it, that is why earlier this year I launched Emotional Healing Retreat

Our other site has been running for over 5 years now. This site is all about a very large global group of people who have been through, or are currently going through Parental Alienation.

I am also one of the founders of NAAP National Association of Alienated Parents.

I receive many emails, letters and phone calls and have helped people struggling and desperate to find a way to deal with this growing problem. I am a qualified Reiki Master (7 years) and can help people through using the body’s own natural healing processes develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Some of us have been previously married to people with NPD who have used the children/grandchildren as a weapon to try to control. Others have been estranged for financial reasons, and some for no reason at all!!

We are not Doctors or experts but have been through enough to share our experiences and maybe help others to gain a better understanding of how to manage and deal with Parental Alienation.

Some of us are healed, some of us are healing and some of us are not quite sure where we are!

The more we share, the more we understand, the more we understand the easier it is to deal with. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, that is why we decided to launch our Emotional Healing Retreat in France.

Taking care of your body and mind is the first part of the solution.

YES You Can Heal Your Life

All the theory in the world is useless unless we know how to apply it and make change.

The principles we will be working with at our Emotional Healing Retreat are:

We offer group retreats or one to one bespoke retreats with follow-up support online through Skype or FB or Whats App.

Alternatively if you are unable to attend one of our retreats we can offer a coaching session on Skype or FB or Whats App directly with me.

Please contact me through the contact form on this website if you are interested.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Thanks Linda

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Emotion-focused Coping

Emotion-focused coping involves trying to reduce the negative emotional responses associated with stress such as embarrassment, fear, anxiety, depression, excitement and frustration. This may be the only realistic option when the source of stress is outside the person’s control.

Drug therapy can be seen as emotion focused coping as it focuses on the arousal caused by stress not the problem. Other emotion focused coping techniques include:

  • Distraction, e.g. keeping yourself busy to take your mind off the issue.
  • Emotional disclosure. This involves expressing strong emotions by talking or writing about negative events which precipitated those emotions (Pennebaker, 1995) This is an important part of psychotherapy.
  • Praying for guidance and strength.
  • Meditation, e.g. mindfulness.
  • Eating more, e.g. comfort food.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Using drugs.
  • Journaling, e.g. writing a gratitude diary (Cheng, Tsui, & Lam, 2015).
  • Cognitive reappraisal. This is a form of cognitive change that involves construing a potentially emotion-eliciting situation in a way that changes its emotional impact (Lazarus & Alfert, 1964).
  • Suppressing (stopping/inhibition of) negative thoughts or emotions. Suppressing emotions over an extended period of time compromises immune competence and leads to poor physical health (Petrie, K. J., Booth, R. J., & Pennebaker, 1988).

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Research on Mindfulness and Meditation

During the past two decades, mindfulness meditation has gone from being a fringe topic of scientific investigation to being an occasional replacement for psychotherapy, tool of corporate well-being, widely implemented educational practice, and “key to building more resilient soldiers.” Yet the mindfulness movement and empirical evidence supporting it have not gone without criticism. Misinformation and poor methodology associated with past studies of mindfulness may lead public consumers to be harmed, misled, and disappointed.  Continue reading “Research on Mindfulness and Meditation”

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Psychoneuroimmunology—developments in stress research

Links between the central nervous stress system and peripheral immune cells in lymphoid organs have been detailed through 50 years of intensive research. The brain can interfere with the immune system, where chronic psychological stress inhibits many functions of the immune system. On the other hand, chronic peripheral inflammation—whether mild (during aging and psychological stress) or severe (chronic inflammatory diseases)—clearly interferes with brain function, leading to disease sequelae like fatigue but also to overt psychiatric illness. In recent years, it has been observed that psychological stress can be disease permissive, as in chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, acute and chronic viral infections, sepsis, asthma, and others. We recognized that stress reactivity is programmed for a lifetime during a critical period between fetal life and early childhood, which then influences stress behavior and stress responses in adulthood. First phase II clinical studies, e.g., on cognitive behavioral therapy and mind–body therapies (e. g., mindfulness-based stress reduction), are available that show some benefits in stressful human diseases such as breast cancer and others. The field of psychoneuroimmunology has reached a firm ground and invites therapeutic approaches based on Good Clinical Practice phase III multicenter randomized controlled trials to influence stress responses and outcome in chronic illness. Continue reading “Psychoneuroimmunology—developments in stress research”

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Healing with Essential Oils

  • Tangerine and many other citrus oils are calming to the nervous system and support emotional balance.
  • Bergamot is uplifting and refreshing while offering relief with anxiety, stress, and tension.
  • Other helpful essential oils include clary sagejasminelavender, and ylang-ylang.
  • Rosemary and basil are both helpful for increased clarity, opening the mind, and supporting the respiratory system.
  • Peppermint is stimulating to the mind, in addition to calming nerves
  • Other helpful essential oils include lemonblue chamomile, and frankincense.
  • Juniper works with emotional balance and the nervous system, evoking feelings of love, peace, and spiritual awareness.
  • Ylang-ylang is a romantic scent thought to balance energies to help two people be in closer attunement and focus their thoughts together.
  • Other helpful essential oils are jasmine, rose, ginger, and geranium.