Our retreat enables you to begin the hard work of rebuilding your life on a purely practical level. We offer a safe refuge for people healing and surviving Parental Alienation as well as counseling, coaching, energy work to help you recover from the devastating effects of PA

  • Pampering – to reassure you that you are still valuable
  • Breakthrough Experiences – to bring you out of your comfort zone;
  • Skills Development – giving you the tools you will need to build a new life;
  • Friendship – to encourage you never to give up.
  • Spiritual healer, Reiki master, crystal healer and Angel/Tarot card reader.
  • Heal emotional wounds from the past and learn how forgiveness is the key to your future
  • Learn how to identify and avoid self-destructive patterns that have kept you stuck for years
  • Our healing retreat is for both women and men, and our pledge is to nurture you in a safe environment where the focus is completely on your needs.

Our emotional healing retreat promotes a holistic approach that does not just address emotional and spiritual needs, but which also encourages physical health.

We also promote self-care through proper nutrition. We teach our guests how to cook fresh, simple meals using healthy organic alternatives relying on fresh herbs and local ingredients.

One to One retreats for personal healing and transformation

Our most popular retreat – we offer a personalised retreat to cater for your specific issues including healing up painful emotions, memories, inner-child work, clearing unhealthy beliefs, anxiety & depression. Personalised retreats offer more privacy and can be arranged any time during the year.

Depending on your requirements, such retreats can be of 2 to 4 days duration. It is good to have time out to love and care for yourself.

If you have any unresolved emotions or any that have troubled you for many years despite many different treatments, we suggest a private retreat as no therapy is offered in the group retreats.

Are you ready to let go of the pain and heal your heart?